By Lisa Nagle, CEO PacificLink (PLIES)
South Bend, Indiana, USA

I (Lisa Nagle) have the opportunity to travel around the United States and to countries in Europe, Africa and Asia to speak at secondary schools, universities and organizations. As I meet students, I am noticing something different. They are examples of the global research done by Universum last year: Generation Z possesses a deeper interest in leadership than the previous three generations did at their age.

Here is the research from Universum, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, the HEAD Foundation and MIT Leadership Center:
Growing up digital, some say has so influenced younger generations that it somehow gives them a permanently different outlook then their older peers. My two daughters are Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2002.

Generation Z future leaders see leadership from a different perspective than previous generations. The Baby Boomer Generation viewed leadership in terms of power and perks or command and control. But today’s emerging generation approaches influencing the world differently. We will discuss this more in Part Two in next post.